Swatch Display Program

Increase sales with minimum investment and floor space
The Kas Swatch Display Program is completely customizable.

  • Choose one: Single-Tier Rack with 24 samples for $500 OR Full 3-Tier Rack with 62 samples for $1,000
  • Rug samples are 18” x 18” in a variety different patterns for retailers to choose from and create a custom rack.
  • Sample assortment ranges from machine made to hand made in a variety of price points and includes indoor/outdoor and easy care rugs.
  • 4 Shag Swatch Rings of our best-selling Bliss & Fina Collections come with either rack display to hang on side of rack.
  • In the center of the 3-Tier Rack, there is a place for the KAS Look Book.
  • KAS also offers a rebate program to help retailers pay for the fixture through rug orders.

Easy functionality of the fixture drives a seamless shopping experience for both retailers and consumers with a small footprint. For more information regarding KAS’ Swatch Display Program, please email us at [email protected].

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